Wednesday, September 14, 2016

It's the little things

It's the little things
It's the Little Things...
It's the little things throughout the day that can be a stress relief. For our family it is our beautiful walk to school. At the end of each cul-de sac paths meander into a beautiful walkway that leads us all to school. What genius this was for the builders in our community to include!  Little did these planners know that this walk will be ingrained into my brain as one of the best events of my life.

Our kids don't know about traffic jams and gridlock, they know about petting dogs, exploring the bushes and talking to friends. Our back yards may be small with the new age of development, however the community space opens our ability to connect and belong in unity.

The dogs eyes are always longing for a ball thrown at the green space. The kids want to go as well...and want to be tickled-chased by me. And sometimes I would rather stay at home in my jammies, but when I get myself out, I am always rewarded with the gift it brings my spirit.

You may look at this and wish you had the same, but I'm sure if you think about it their is a gem of a space in your community that gives you calm. Where do you meditate? What will be a space you will think about when your older and unable to walk? Where is your spot that gives you a sense of gratitude?