Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Who is MoxyMug ?

MoxyMug Logo
Moxymug is launching in 2017, a Stainless Steel double walled mug. We will offer personalized logo's and text that you can have us etch into your mug. We seek to tap into the spirit of active on-the-go people that love to have a mug that can go with them and represent their individualism!

We will use this blog to inspire positive spirit with meditation, outdoor interests and other things that motivate a great morning to go with your drink in your MoxyMug!

Why Moxy? The definition of moxy is "force of character, determination, grit". We know everybody's daily life can identify with moxy. A yearning to be better, striving for positive greatness are what all of us are about. Having a cup in your hand starts your day off right.

Charity. We are set up to offer a great product that can create greatness with small donations equaling up to be a substantial benefit for society. Bear with us in our beginning months as we work out the kinks to get a great system of giving. 

We hope your enjoy our blog, and stay tuned as we get up and running!